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kiss the moon - I really want this for Lane - If anyone knows where I can get a print - let me know. Danceable Tragedy: Rue des Roses by Movezerb - Whimsical art


"I see the moon and the moon sees me, the moon sees somebody I'd like to see. God bless the moon and God bless me. " My Mom used to sing that to me and my kids and now I sing it to my Grands :)

10408551_1549038828666709_7269952907430287657_n.jpg (500×719)

Girl sitting in moon that is melting. Shall we lay amongst the beach whilst the tides ebb and revive. Eying the light seizing our night; or shall we imagine ourselves upon the crescent moon as it controls our time waxing and waning.

Lavender Moon

Lavender Moon

They need to !make a movie about how the man on the moon got up there!!!! Would be so cooool!

rinsjammers: “ idk i always imagined the boy in the Dreamworks opening as the man in the moon :v also, its been a really long time since i’ve drawn anything from rotg ”

La Luna / John Picacio

She whispered to my nightly, constantly an ever soft lullaby and a a prayer. Haunting echos spiraled recklessly through my cadaver, over and over I sought to live but yet I could not except if basking in her lurid glow.


You touch my thoughts with your gentle fingers. In my dark self are glittering stars strewn by my emotions. And in my heart shines a moon lighting the processions of my dreams. O Night.