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Hmmmm. Doesn't alcohol create the illusion of sexiness, lol! ( pic from Who Cares, Facebook. Com)

Good Side Effects. May cause extreme sexiness. Or how about Causes sudden and dramatic weight loss!

Lol! So true!

As long as it makes me happy and I'm not hurting anyone . by Fight Like a Girl Club.

Getting older!

i guess i'm not getting older ⊙_⊙ cause i have a heck of a time trying to make myself take a nap. just sayin! i've always been like that even as a child ( ‘.’ ) i hated required nap time!

May all your wrinkles come from smiles.

Aging - I got a new stick deodorant today. The Instructions said: Remove Cap and Push up Bottom. I can barely walk, but whenever I fart, the room smells lovely.

They say that...

They say that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. At this point, I should be able to bench-press a BUICK. That is how I feel after so many years of pain.


Humor In Dites & Fitness Maxine is right - weight loss can affect bra size! How to lose weight fast ?

What it is to age. Don't forget your teeth! #DeltaDental

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