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History: This bunker in Norwich, Norfolk has also been destroyed. English Heritage properties steward Ross Macleod said: ‘There’s been a massive revival in Cold War nostalgia. We’re seeing people from schools. I think the remaining ROC headquarters should be preserved'

Cold War relics: What are Britain's nuclear bunkers used for now?

Each of the 29 Royal Observer Corps HQs had metre-thick concrete walls and could hold up to 70 volunteers with beds, canteens, radio rooms, generators, air filtering and decontamination posts.


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ROC Cold War bunker

Picture of ROC Nuclear Bunker in Charcott, Kent submitted by local photographers.

Observer next to the hatch of underground reporting post

Observer next to the hatch of underground reporting post

In pictures: Britain's secret nuclear bunkers

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Nuclear bunker makes the perfect hideout and if not....blow everything up...problem solved! #ClymbZombies

Nuclear bunker houses world's toughest server farm

Swiss Nuclear Bunker Houses Worlds Toughest Server Farm 03

Neatishead Radar Station

In pictures: Britain's secret nuclear bunkers

ROC Banner being paraded

ROC Banner being paraded

Dorchester ROC bunker

Exploring the Dorchester Royal Observer Corps (ROC) bunker, situated in the Dorset village of Poundbury.

Landscape: The CW landscape has survived better than the memory

Subterranea Britannica is a society devoted to the study and investigation of man-made (including Nuclear Bunkers) and man-used underground places.

Moscow Telex/Teleprinter Soviet Riga bunker latvia

Hello Moscow…R​iga calling…​.anyone home?…..​..Moscow?


Featured Articles - The Battle of Britain - Britain's Defences, 1940

Mr. Grice. Royal Observer Corps

Mr. Grice. Royal Observer Corps

In pictures: Britain's secret nuclear bunkers

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Les avions PB4Y2 Privateer et F6F5 Hellcat de l’Aéronavale dans la bataille de Diên Biên Phu. – ECPAD

Loading a Privateerduring the battle for Diên Biên Phu.


When the Soviet Union tested its first atomic bomb in Britain set about constructing an underground backup infrastructure in case of attack. These secret stations still exist -- briefly essential, but now abandoned