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Nineteen Twenty-one

Nineteen Twenty-one - 1.00 por Sweet Lover Fansub

Nineteen Twenty-one - por Sweet Lover Fansub

Twenty One Pilots, Music Bands, Phone Backgrounds, Iphone Wallpapers, Mountain Range, Awesome Stuff, Aesthetics, Lyrics, Journaling

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Thank PoweredByCokeZero for this amazing twenty øne pilots fanart Twenty one pilots

... Das hat richtig Ausstrahlung

19 Pieces Of "Sailor Moon" Fan Art Every Sailor Scout Will Love

charliebowater: “I vividly remember a few moments from when I was growing up that - as corny as it sounds, felt like they’d altered my life a little bit. One was when I was six years old and I watched.

In the Battle by JaneMere on deviantART

She is twenty-one-years-old. She just entered into the royal army. She is very skilled with her sword, and her leadership skills are strictly professional.

Music ✫ haha I found this picture a while back and drew it

People don't seem to understand that. They think that I'm "Overly obsessed" with music and bands. They're wrong. So wrong. Emo, Punk, and Screamo have decreased suicide rates by over