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These Posters Perfectly Sum Up Twentysomethings' Addiction To The Internet

This Generation: Texting Language

15 Funny Posters About This Generation’s Tech Addiction Unfortunately All of These Are True.These Posters Presented By Ajit Johnson Make Your Mind Blow.

Water vs. Internet: People are so addicted to the internet nowadays. Although this picture is very extreme saying that people would sacrifice water for internet in the dessert, it is just a metaphor that people are so consumed with technology. It is now almost considered an essential in life.

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Brutally honest posters show our addiction to technology by Ajit Johnson.

This Generation


20 viñetas que explican de forma elocuente el capitalismo

Even when the lower/working classes do all the work, the government takes credit and looks as if they did it too.


Latuff in denial about the Muslim connection to have shown how many Muslims are themselves still in denial about Israel instead!

These Posters Perfectly Sum Up Twentysomethings’ Addiction To The Internet

This Generation

This Generation

by Ajit Johnson, a Ph. student working in cancer genetics and genomics - Invasion Of Technology Addiction Honest Posters 02

TV Meydan - Femidead

Gunduz Agayev's new series of satirical illustrations entitled Femidead feature the death of justice around the world.