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This Is why pythons have eaten all of the animals in the Everglades - Photo of an egg-sack of a female Burmese python caught by a ranger in Everglades National Park. All those sacs are embryonic pythons, 59 hungry baby pythons in all. A new report found the python infestation in the Everglades caused by lazy pet owners releasing their snakes there has decimated most common animals, 99 percent of raccoons, 88 percent of bobcats & practically all the rabbits & foxes.

This Is Why Pythons Have Eaten All of the Animals in the Everglades

another kind of paper nautilus - most beautiful

Conch shell the third series 30014 - Time Memory - Still Life

During the end of days of WW11 War criminals were secreted out of their respective countries & relocated to various parts of the world via a ‘ratline’ organised by the Roman Catholic Church & funded by the Vatican bank, officially known as the Institute for Religious Works.  Established in 1941 by Pius XII or Hitler’s Pope, the Institute for Religious Works became the bank of choice for Italian fascists, the aristocracy & the Mafia.

"Greeting a Catholic Prelate: Hitler had a tense relationship with the Roman Catholic Church." Perhaps because everything Hitler did was EVIL. You know, murder, incest, human experimentation, genocide!

/ Is she real or a ghost from the past

A very haunting shot - thee's movement, but she isn't clearly defined in any way.