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Moms be like...

When my mom complains



I made an inhumane sound at the Helga one, I laughed way too hard at the Moseby one, and the Goofy one killed me!

27 Pranks You Need To Really Own April Fools' Day

((I liked the second one on this strip)) Signs Made Better With Vandalism

I'm not really here...

Raccoon trying to steal cat food. Oh… hi… ummm… meow.


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help me

help me

These are 32 of the funniest animal pictures out there. We all love animals so it only makes sense that we would love funny pictures of them.

Hands down, HE WON.

Takes forever to read but really worth it!~ I thought I liked hers.until I read his. Be sure to scroll down through ALL of it! Too funny!

ahahh :D

Hilarious Pictures of the day, 66 images. Sometimes I Think About How Life Is Beautiful And Then Shit On The Carpet

I can't stop hearing the song in my head

I can't stop hearing the song in my head

*plays barbie song* *hello kitty stickers on each costume*


A woman saying "I'm not mad at you!" is like a dentist saying "You won't feel a thing!