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, on Thursday. Hurricane Matthew weakened slightly early today, becoming a Category 3 storm with winds of about 120 miles per hour.

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Feds fine airline for tarmac delays


It will be great if I can lay down on the grass, resting my mind while ear listening to the sound of river flowing and splashing

After Hurricane Matthew, Devastation in Southern Haiti - The New York Times

After Hurricane Matthew, Devastation in Southern Haiti

One of the hundreds of Haitians who died in Matthew's path.

This is why you’re most likely to be hospitalized when traveling the globe—and how to avoid it.

Why Tourists Wind Up in the ER

Intense, “high touch” care that focuses on housing as well as health care brings down medical costs for the most expensive patients. But it’s been hard to replicate successful programs.

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tidal wave - A tsunami is not the same thing as a tidal wave, which will generally have a far less damaging effect than a Tsunami.

"Absolutely beautiful"

"Absolutely beautiful"

Sunset in Key West, Monroe County, Florida

Sunset in Key West, Waterfalls Love - waterfallslove


Weir Wood reservoir in East Sussex. Each Briton uses litres of water a day when hidden factors are included. (In the home the average consumption is usually stated as 150 litres)

What the National Weather Service social media warning stream has shown us - The Washington Post

What the National Weather Service social media warning stream has shown us

Americans are getting less advance notice for tornadoes, as researchers struggle to understand why - The Washington Post

American Airlines Plane Fire At Chicago O'Hare Sent Pieces Flying Half Mile

American Airlines Engine Pieces Flew Half Mile In Fire At Chicago's O'Hare

An American Airlines (AAL.O) jet engine that failed seconds before takeoff in a fiery runway accident at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport flung broken turbine parts as far as half a mile from the scene, a federal investigator said on Saturday.