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Dude, you have to see this

I made an inhumane sound at the Helga one, I laughed way too hard at the Moseby one, and the Goofy one killed me!

awesomeness around the world, glad Mexico made it on here!

Awesomeness around the world

Awesomeness from places around the world. Some of these places I want to see and the other ones are just awesome photos!

Union Street Camera Bag

Union Street Camera Bag The roomy, waxed cotton canvas tote holds your DSLR camera, 3 lenses, laptop and more.

Rare And Interesting Pictures

Very Rare And Interesting Pictures

DO YOU HAVE AN EXIT BUDDY? And that one picture that looks like four. I am ashamed to admit how long I stared at it until I started getting a headache.

So if I mix pixie sticks with water, I get fruit punch??!

The man who made fruit drink powder also created Pixy Stix, Fun-Dip, and Sweetarts all with the same basic recipe - nowyoukno now you kno