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Las Cosicas del Panzer — Boeing B-17 G Flying Fortress...

Las Cosicas del Panzer — Boeing G Flying Fortress.


History: John D Shaw's painting A Higher Call which shows Franz Stigler and Charlie Brown in flight. How a German plane saved a failing US fighter plane in WWII.

Formidable Fortress by Robert Bailey (B-17)

Formidable Fortress by Robert Bailey

Flying Cadillacs, por Jack Moik

Flying Cadillacs by Jack Moik, ~Jacklionheart on deviantART

Part I. Eighth USAAF (May 1942 - 1945) The B-17 Flying Fortress; four-engined heavy bomber, manned by a crew of 10: pilot, co-pilot, bombardier, navigator, engineer/top gunner, radioman/gunner, belly gunner, two waist gunners, tail gunner; protected by .50 cal. machine guns. By war's end more than 12,000 (12,731) had been built

Flying Fortress A Bit O Lace Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Stu Shepherd

Supermarine Spitfire ~ BFD

Supermarine Spitfire ~ BFD

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress

Under tremendous odds by C.

JG 52 by Robert Taylor

Messerschmitt Stab/JG 52 by Robert Taylor

B17 Flying Fortress

B17 Flying Fortress

Puzzle Gibsons Sobrevolando Normandía de 500 Piezas

The Biggin Hill Wing, by Nicolas Trudgian (Spitfire Mk Vb)