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Deconstructionist Fashion Design- clothes with seams located on the outside, linings that were part of the exterior, or fabric edges left unhemmed and raw

By damsel in this dress sharp sweet

Steampunk Pirate for women inspiration Cosplay Photo: lolesandra. Peacock Pirate Coat (without sleeves) from Store - Damsel in this Dress

Wood veneer on bodice was cut with the eCraft.

Suede's work creating fashion with a paper cutting machine utilizing wood and silk. I really am interested in the layered and cut detail of this garment. I may be able to utilise this in the top part of my dress.

cathrinabroderick: “Penny Hewitt ”

Capturing the repetition and structures within organic form, closely exploring irregular repeat patterns. Three dimensional technical processes are used in collaboration with various approaches to the traditional use of appliqué, all explored through hand

You are never a true Steampunk...unless you have an epic pair of goggles.

Steampunk Goggles ~ This would be an awesome accessory for a mad scientist costume! by CraftedSteampunk in etsy

ornamentedbeing:  c.1910-15 The Met says: An example of a form of underpinning that combined the petticoat and corset cover into one piece, ...

Slip - An example of a form of underpinning that combined the petticoat and corset cover into one piece, this example of Belle Époque underwear shows the typical lavishly sewn details common during this period, even for so-called unmentionables

Ruth act 2

Sky Pirate costume- skirt and skirt wrap would be an easy make. So would the belt. Have pattern for the different corsets. Or forget costume: just wear this when you don't want anyone to mess with you. Like an audition. Or the DMV.

Modeconnect.com Fashion News – September, 11, 2013 – “Happy Birthday Dear Academie” currently at Antwerp’s MoMu celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Fashion Department of Antwerp Royal Academy of Arts

Anne Kurris on Antwerp's Foremost Fashion Department

Presentation, Fashion and Costume Department, Antwerp, 1978 Courtesy of MoMu

el wire scarf - Google Search

Light Up Costumes meets High Fashion: dig this EL Wire Dress. Very new wave, futuristic, chanel stylish

Tartan and biker boot grunge complete with band tees and a beanie hat.

Marc Jacobs Grunge collection -Here is Kristen McMenamy and Naomi Campbell back in the wearing the clothes that got Marc Jacobs fired from Perry Ellis.

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Cyber-Goth fashion: a mix of styles from goth and raver. Style consisted of dark colors while they had a pale look.