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Aww, so sweet

Six week old Brindle Boxer named Alfie. for the most part he is full of mischief, just as a pup should be.

So typical boxer

So typical boxer


Humorous photos of two dogs and a pig living together like they are three dogs. This pig has some identity crisis.thought they were all dogs at first!

Couple of boxers

Emerald's Real Deal At Everlast (Vander) X Mi-T's Electrical Storm (Tesla) *I KNOW these two gorgeous Boxers!

How sweet is this?!

Dogs Only :) on

white boxer: should we do something? she is pointing the camera.brindle boxer: nah let's make her day just lay still.

Watching the world go by | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

This is so our boxer, Jackson! "After a busy morning at the office, he paused to look out the window.

A family of Boxers

Boxers - a good friend of mine had a beautiful boxer which sadly got taken by baiters

Boxer baby

Boxer baby