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kit de survie

Cette vieille bouteille à cachets peut paraître bonne à jeter, mais elle pourrait bien vous sauver la vie. Je sais ce que je vais faire ce soir !

Cheap outdoor solar lights can be used indoors for an emergency AND doubles as a AA battery charger

Cheap Solar Lights For Emergency Lighting

Cheap outdoor solar lights can be used indoors for an emergency. The ones that cost about 3 bucks double as a AA battery charger. Great when you have a power outage.

It's so simple to make your own DIY face oil & all you need is 3 ingredients. Best of all, you can customize it based on your own skincare needs!:

3 Ingredient Face Oil for Anti-Aging: Argan, Rosehip & Lavender. Plus a list of other oils you could use and what they do for your skin.

Removing labels from plastic bottles  Amazing, this really works. You need to try it just to be amazed!

Removing Labels from Plastic Containers

Paint old medicine bottle. For under the pillow, tooth tranfer to tooth fairy

How to Make Tooth Fairy Crafts

Up cycle empty RX bottles!Tooth Saver Why didn't I think of this? Recyle pill bottle and decorate it to assist the Tooth Fairy with easy pick-up!

Winner: Hang Your Batteries for Easy Storage - and other ideas for old pill bottles

Upcycle Pill Bottles With These 22 Ideas

"Challenge Winner: Hang Your Batteries for Easy Storage" - and many other inventive uses for empty pill bottles

9 Survival Uses for an Empty Pill Bottle | Survival Kit On A Budget by Survival Life at http://survivallife.com/survival-uses-for-a-pill-bottle/

Ultimate Survival Tips: How to Use Empty Pill Bottles

From organizing to first aid, you’ll be surprised what awesome things you can do with all those empty pill bottles. Empty pill bottles, whether they are from prescription or over the…

so, i hate to admit it, but before this week, i didn’t really know what exactly a zombie was. my boys and husband are constantly talking about a zombie apocalypse, and how we would be moving into Costco if there was one. they also play that iPad game, Plants vs. Zombies…and i hear every one Read More...

Daddy's Zombie Survival Kit

Daddy's Zombie Survival Kit – Zombies are super popular with the guys, so how about making this fun Father's Day Zombie gift! A fun idea for Father's Day.