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Palomino horse Technically considered a color type and not a breed, the Palomino can thus vary in height and weight. An approximation is 15 hands high and pounds kg). Palomino is a rich golden color.


I love love love Golden Palomino horses! Thank you, God, for creating such beauty.

Palomino Quarter Horse

The Quarter Horse. In a endurance race this breed has an advantage for it& endurance. In a endurance challenge the Quarter Horse can beat a Though-bred!

I want a black stallion-they just look so mysterious.

Black with star (Andalusian Lusitano Lippizzaner spanish horse Piccador Vaquero Charro)

images of irish hunter horses - Google Search

images of irish hunter horses - Google Search

GYPSY VANNAR HORSE:It is a small draught breed, popularly recognized for its abundant leg feathering and common black and white, or "piebald", coat colour, though it can be of any other colour as well.

I just have a thing for draft horses. Look at this beauty! It's a Gypsy Vanner Horse, or Gypsy Cob. Created to pull gypsy caravans in England.


My favorite overo paint coloring -- Sammy, palomino overo paint horse.

Beautiful palamino! If I was allowed to get a horse, I'd want one like this

BF Oliver Twist, Welsh Mountain Pony, owned by Leah McFarlin - Photo by Reg Corkum. This palomino is dappled, and also shows an example of Sabino pinto-- the high white legs and facial marking are signs of the sabino gene.


What is it about the Arabian horses, they seem to me to be the Ballet dancers of the equine world, really stunningly beautiful.

Grulla horse!

Shining C Horses (The color "grulla" is actually a black horse with the dun gene/dilution. The dorsal stripe, stripes on legs, and darker shading are almost always distinct.