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De acuerdo con estadísticas del INEGI y la Secretaría de Economía, en el censo del 2015 se obtuvieron datos referentes a que de cada 10 micro o pequeñas empresas que se abren en México, 8 de ellas …

La educación escolar ya no es suficiente ni para emplearse

On this “International Students Day” many students have started exploring universities that are offering free college education without scholarships


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COVERT SCIENCE-Eight beachcombers found a monstrous carcass washed ashore near Palermo, Italy, July 2,1989. “It was at least 100ft long, snake-like, & had a huge head & a wide mouth full of vicious, needle-like teeth.” Excitement turned sour when “military types showed up, confiscated our cameras & made us leave.” Later, no trace of it could be found, & nothing appeared in the media. This pic is the only apparent survivor. "Passing Strange-1910-2013"

Unidentified creature found on beach. This strange unknown sea monster washed ashore on an unknown beach. What is this strange animal? This picture was sent .

https://flic.kr/s/aHskGWs6vm | USA Leader's Arrival

https://flic.kr/s/aHskGWs6vm | USA Leader's Arrival

City Passes in Italy: Worth It or Not? | Budget Travel's Blog | Travel Deals, Travel Tips, Travel Advice, Vacation Ideas

City Passes in Italy: Worth It or Not?

budget travel 2015 Is it worth it to buy an Italian City Pass? Here's a look at how the Florence, Venice, and Rome Cards really stack up.

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