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They arent mean just goofy

So DogGone FunnyFor Animals. Cute pup says, "If you don't like pitbulls you can kiss my hiney!

I want to do this with Pippa :)

Nothing matches the love of a Pitty when it comes to dog breeds! This baby will be protected until his canine pal takes it's last breath.

Pocket pitbull :) Grace wants to ride the subway, this looks like fun. Woooof!!!

I can fit a chihuahua in my purse, this guy can fit his pitbull in his bag lol

unconditional love

Pitt Bull a. "Nanny Dogs" This sweet Pit with their baby human. Sure, this viscous breed should be banned while the people who abuse them walk free. That makes sense.

And they always get away with it, too.

21 Things Dogs Do That Drive Us Nuts

I do not support it, I have dogs, a cat and other pets as well.  We are writing a petition to stop the “Dog Meat Festival” that is held on June 22nd in Yulin. We can make a difference with this. Please follow the link and sign the petition to stop Yulin! Change.org - https://www.change.org/p/mr-chen-wu-yulin-governor-please-shut-down-the-yulin-dog-meat-festival-in-guangxi-china

I would like to see the BSL lifted in Prince Georges County, Maryland.it is unfair for certain breeds to be singled out, it is not the breed, but negligent ow.

You wouldn't dare - http://memeheroes.com/c0db5-you-wouldnt-dare/

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Pitbull - and they are loyal and protective of their families. A pit, just like any other animal or even human, adapts to it's surroundings, and typically will act out from the way it or they have been raised/treated. It's not the breed, it's the