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3rd grade math pre and post tests and quizzes

Third Grade Guided Math

I hopped on tonight wanting to show you my Daily 5 tubs and realised I left my hard drive with the photos on it at school. So all your gett...

Down Under Teacher: Guided Math TIME T=Teachers Choice I=Independent work M= Mental maths or Maths Facts E= Essential Revison

Guided Math in First Grade- all components with pictures and links

She breaks down her math time from start to finish with whole group and math tubs, guided math, independent journal time and technology math. Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits: Guided Math in First Grade

Guided Math - Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits, math lesson plans, math lessons with materials, math printables,

Guided Math

All about guided math! Get a breakdown of the components of guided math with lesson examples, math centers, math journals and more!

My guided math unit from above goes from whole group lessons right into differentiated small group lessons.

Guided Math Galore

One of my favorite times of the day is math. I adore the concrete to abstract discovery that I see in my students year after year. The manipulatives oh the manipulatives. My first year as a teacher **Use on DDR days**

From building independence to differentiating math centers, check out this HUGE collection of Guided Math blog posts and pictures from a real 1st grade classroom.

Guided Math in 1st Grade

The Brown-Bag Teacher: Guided Math in Grade ( would need to adapt to kindergarten, but I like the idea of it)

Guided Math Centers - Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits, math centers, guided math,

Guided Math Centers

Get a break down of the guided math centers and rotation choices as well as a thorough look at the activities for each center rotation

flip its 10 math games

Flip It Math Games

Flip It is a partner math game which allows students to work on 10 different skills in a fun game of comparisons. Once students know how to play Flip It, you can change out the sets of game cards to play ten different games! This file is meant for