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Beautiful female blonde warrior taking of her helmet after the battle. Eowyn?  The Warrior by carlosgarijo on deviantART

The Warrior by carlosgarijo on DeviantArt, warrior girl, woman armor, digital painting, inspirational art

Armor study / practice by chaosringen.deviantart.com on @deviantART. Female armour that's actually pretty realistic. I've always thought the breastplate should go down to her waist and protect her stomach as well, not leave it to the scale/chainmail only, although this alternative is way better than having a corset on, or nothing. This usage could be argued about regarding flexibility,too...

amiryth: “ Armor study / practice by chaosringen ” A good example of how female figure can be implied in armor design without resorting to boobplate!

**Female warrior portrait bw

What Kind Of Demon Are You?

An aggressive Spiritual warfare prayer against spiritual oppression. Prayer against Satan himself and his demons of depression, anxiety, fear and appathy.

Ritter - Knight - Chevalier - Paladin - Guerrier - Templier -Templar - Templer - Combattant - Warrior - Kämpfer - Fighter - Krieger - Guerrero - Caballero - Cavaliere - Guerriero - 戦士 - 전사 - محارب

Rhoslyn - The Lost Princess by Indonesian Artist Hilma Fauza Khuriroy ("hifarry") on Deviant Art.