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This is what every potatoe says when they see sasha. XD

That's me. I'm totally a potato and my standards? Either being Markiplier, Kakashi Hatake, Bill Cipher, Levi Ackerman and other people I will never get a chance to love ;

Can't I just watch it with them both??? No?? Well if I had to choose... I would pick Mark

Thinking on it, probably jack. If I did with Mark, I wouldn't be able to hear the movie most of the time. Although the same may be true to Jack, I have a feeling it wouldn't be as apparent. << Why not with them three? (Mark, sean and felix)

Not only that, I want to get to know the man off screen and actually get to know Mark fishbach,because I know so little about him when he has so much more to tell <:3

Oh goooood, it must feel so awesome. Because every time I watch his videos I just feel so warm inside my heart and I think I actually wouldn't be able to let go of him for like an hour or something

Jacksepticeye- Then & Now

What the hell happened to my laughing sugar plum good time baby

When you can't be asked to deal with life, but have to deal with i anyway

When you can't be asked to deal with life, but have to deal with i anyway<<< gotta deal with life LIKE A BOSS

Or when a project gets extended or a test date gets pushed back!!!

That happened to me! Exact same face. I was SO pissed cause I rushed late at night to Finnish it!

Great plan right there, Jack!

Jack don't you dare start turning into flowey u will litterly run for my life if you did

The only thing that's changed is how big his smile is! And his hair. His hair has changed

How did you even find both of these pictures and then proceed to match them up perfectly?

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Why does everyone tag JackSepticEye stuff with "Sean"? I always just end up thinking of that one Markiplier gif where he makes fun of the people who do that XD.