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MADE TO ORDER: Linen set of 2 dresses, historical, viking, medieval, reenactment, folkore
Viking Trousers... So much more comfy than modern day jeans!!! http://www.wierzeje.pl/main.html
Here are a few educational links to the primary research, inspired by this image: http://urd.priv.no/viking/smokkr.html, http://www.darkcompany.ca/beads/beads.php, http://www.medieval-baltic.us/vikbuckle.html,http://medieval-baltic.us/bau-loops.pdf
Novogord style Viking Russ dress. Även kortare tunikor förekommer, till exempel som värmeplagg på vintern.
Viking Neck Torc Terminals by Urweg: 1) Urnes Dragon 2) Wolf 3) Cat 4) Raven http://www.urweg.com/list/torcs.html
medieval embroidery pattern - Google Search