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I realized this the first time I saw Logan.

I realized this the first time I saw Logan. <--- *internally screaming*<== fine take it i didn't need that god dame heart today anyway

Christopher Nolan's DUNKIRK | Official Trailer | In theaters July 21, 2017

As planned, Invitation Homes officially made its IPO to open How will going public affect the company's operations going forward?

“Caça-Fantasmas” (Reprodução/Internet)

Want to know how everyone's favorite blob of ectoplasm got his voracious appetite? This is the Slimer backstory that didn't make it into Paul Feig's film.

Hugh Jackman Prepares To Unleash Hell On An Intense New Poster For LOGAN

Hugh jackman new movie. Logan may be hugh jackman's swan song to his onscreen wolverine character. Hugh jackman and 'wolverine' to film in new mexico.

Hello, lady!  Oh how I adore Fezzik ^_^

The Princess Bride: 'Hello, Lady'. This is really one of my favorite parts. Actually, practically every part is one of my favorite parts.