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And their in-jokes turn out just perfectly.

29 Times Scott Disick And Kourtney Kardashian Gave Us Relationship Goals

Poor lady but I honestly laughed so loud, the whole street could hear me...lol!

When you walk into a glass door with milkshakes. I don't think those milkshakes are going to bring any boys to the yard.

The Adorable Goodnight Kiss from Mom Kim Kardashian to Daughter North West  #KanyeWest, #KimKardashian, #Nori, #NorthWest

The Adorable Goodnight Kiss from Mom Kim Kardashian to Daughter North West

Too cute! Kim Kardashian shared an adorable picture of herself giving daughter North West, 12 months, a kiss goodnight. Hear what Kim K. has to say about being a mom!

I love this nerds ❤️

YES! Dipper from Gravity Falls, Marco from Star vs. the Forces of Evil, and Wurt from Over the Garden Wall. These three are awesome.

The struggle is real. I'm dying hahahaha

Pictures of kids crying, "We took her to a Justin Bieber concert. Someone ate all the muffins picture (boy crying and he was the one that ate all the muffins).

She actually got this when she was a little girl and liked it so much she just kept wearing it and stretching it out.

wrong on so many levels! Spongebob Squarepants Tank Top - Stay Classy People of Walmart - Funny Pictures at Walmart

The gummy bear is still stuck between my seats in my car the last 6 years!

Unless you're in one of these pictures. Then MOST of these people are having a much worse day than you. View "All of These People Are Having a Much Worse Day Than You Are" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

Ironic and perfectly timed pics

We have rounded up some strange, yet real, coincidences that were spotted by geeks. The "Gas Leak" one happened right here in Tampa!

Sugar Honey Ice Tea

Sugar Honey Ice Tea

I see what you did there dreamworks. Hahaha my friends and I would always say "sugar honey ice tea" after this movie came out in middle school