Cat's Dish- Rothenburg(Bavaria), Germany

Cat's Dish- Rothenburg(Bavaria), Germany

Romantic window (belleatelier)

I have wisteria growing wild in my neigborhood and all around my house. I live in the swamplands of south jersey where this wisteria seems to love to live. It climbs onto everything like a beautiful, needy flower. Smells great too

Dragon design.  Must be up in Scandinavia.    The Norse always loved dragons in their work.

Dragon Door at Krumlov House in Czech Republic. Krumlov House is an amazing place--generous, homey, and friendly.

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Como utilizar janela antiga na decoração - Painel Criativo de 04/09

Create this garden spot with an old window door and an attached container of flowers!old screen door also. I have old doors!

Shabby in love

I love the shutters and the bright light streaming in through the windows and the peek into the garden.