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IMGur Hot:  Your Spellcheck Won't Save You Now

Your Spellcheck Won't Save You Now

I have a similar cd booklet with almost filled to the brim... Alphabetical of course... Not by genre

12 hysterical old school problems that our kids will never relate to or understand

Shared via Thunder Dungeon App

Shared via Thunder Dungeon App


Golden In The Freshly Mowed Lawn - What happens when you mix a golden retriever with fresh cut grass.

“When you can't fast you get cold left over chicken from the previous day til you get fresh food in ifthar.

Super Nintendo Chalmers...

Shut Up & Take My Dollarydoos

Ultra-Real Synthetic Cadaver Chilling

I actually took this photo down my street during heavy fog. The figure in the road makes it extra creepy, nice.

ハッシュタグを使ってインスタのフォロワーを簡単に増やす方法3選 | ミライFAN [ミライファン]

ハッシュタグを使ってインスタのフォロワーを簡単に増やす方法3選 | ミライFAN [ミライファン]

Danzig or Sigourney Weaver?

io is for sale!

io is for sale!

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Top Pick: Emily Ratajkowski in Love Magazine Photoshoot – February 2015