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I put the fun in funeral. I put the laughter in manslaughter. I put the hit in psychotic.

:-P <3 :-*

John and Greg's side bet on if Sherlock would talk about murder during the best man speech.

This makes me think of a friend of mine who always reminds me that she's two inches taller than me.

Sherlock: I take the precaution of a good coat and a short friend.😁 John: 😐😐😐 "why did I leave the shire"


Because until the new season starts, the fandom will continue to make everything about Sherlock. I did the math: that's 43 years, 203 days, 1 hour, and 30 minutes.

One of the best written posts I have ever read

"We fell in love with the talent, not with the body: explanation of love for actors. Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston and Martin Freeman and Matt Smith - Sherlock. AND David Tennant!" WE FEEL IN LOVE WITH THEIR SOUL

Haha! I laughed more than I should have at this.

"You ain't gettin' no ashtray. I don' care if you da prince. I em Martin frickin' Freeman. You ain't gettin' no ashtray.

All the feels....all of them

I feel like Sherlock is very innocent when he says, "This is my friend, John Watson." And when John corrects him, he looks sad. Like he thought he really had someone to call a friend. WHY MUST YOU HURT ME IN THIS WAY? ^^ohmigod you said it so well.