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330/365 Solitary Solace | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

330/365 Solitary Solace | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Bullying is a global issue ranging from physical to cyber (online). Throughout recent years others have become more accepting of one another, even though bullying still exists it is not so much frequent as it used to be. For example now there are campaigns raising more awareness of bullying. One film example of bullying that can be seen is in Back to the Future, the bullying can be seen taking place whilst Marty visits the different decades of time.

Teach your students about the four different types of bullying

Child and Teen bullies grow up to be Adult bullies. Bullying is now part of our culture, and we need to end it. Know the types of bullying and protect your students and make your classroom a bully-free zone.

Teacher shows children the effect that mean words can have by using apples as example

Teacher’s powerful lesson on the effects of bullying – using two apples – strikes a chord

A group of children have been taught all about the effects of bullying using two apples by Rosie Dutton, coach of children’s programme Relax Kids Tamworth.


MediaFire is a simple to use free service that lets you put all your photos, documents, music, and video in a single place so you can access them anywhere and share them everywhere.

Interactive PDF: School Environment and Bullying Prevention. Includes free poster downloads, recommendations for schools, and links to resources!

Authentic Suburban Gourmet

This is a great resource to use to help students, families, and colleagues to understand the different roles played by people involved in bullying behavior.

Rude / Mean / Bullying: from Trudy Ludwig's website Prevent bullying now and in the future at http://www.fuzeus.com

Rude / Mean / Bullying: from Trudy Ludwig's website <--Still, there can be, for some kids, real trauma from "just" mean

Rude vs. Mean vs. Bullying***still doing the things he knows i hate. Still smug comments about his abuse and 'power' from leaving me hanging. Still psychoanalysing me, when all i wanted was a basic level of respect as a necessary foundation for any relationship. Still utterly repulsive. Still thick.

Bullying is a prevalent issue in schools today, and it is a term that students often hear, but may not always understand. This poster clearly outlines what bullying looks like, and how it differs from other negative interactions.