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Central Florida

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Hernando de Soto (1497–1542) was a Spanish explorer and conquistador who, while leading the first European expedition deep into the territory of the modern-day USA, was the first European documented to have crossed the Mississippi River. He was also the first person to introduce cattle to North America and the first place he did that was Florida. In fact, the largest cattle ranch in the USA is not in Texas or Montana as you would have imagined, but in Florida.

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Florida town takes visitors on a trip back in time

Florida town takes visitors on a trip back in time

Arcadia is a destination with a multidimensional personality wrapped in history, farming, lore and unexpected surprises.

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The Florida of my youth, where you could get saltwater taffy or pecan rolls at the Stuckey’s is rapidly disappearing.Some of the best culture of old Americana has been put to sleep with the passing of the years.

SpaceX scored a spectacular launch success last night when the maiden flight of their upgraded Falcon 9 rocket scorched the sky of the Florida Space Coast and successfully delivered a commercial space satellite to geostationary orbit for the first time ever – thereby revolutionizing the commercial space industry from this day forward.

SpaceX Just Made History. Again.

SpaceX Scores Spectacular Success Scorching Florida Sky with Next Gen Rocket - Universe Today