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SQL Server Backup Paths and File Management

How often do you execute a SQL Server backup on a remote server and then say to yourself,

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Using a SQL Server Alias for SSIS Package Configuration Database Connection String

Using the SQL Server MERGE Statement to Process Type 2 Slowly Changing Dimensions

In my years of T-SQL experience, the MERGE statement has got to be one of the most difficult statements I have had to implement. Oftentimes I would find examples of the MERGE statem

Tip of the Day - SQL Server Permissions Granted to All Users By Default

Learn how to determine the SQL Server Permissions Granted to All Users By Default in the public role, in system databases and user defined databases.

Index Create Memory Setting for SQL Server

Index Create Memory Setting for SQL Server

SQL Server Analysis Service Named Sets using the WITH Keyword

The WITH keyword in SQL Server relational engine creates a Common Table Expression (or CTE); what does it do in SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)?

Importing character columns containing binary zeros into SQL Server

In this tip I show how to handle text file imports when the data contains binary zeros instead of spaces.

SSRS report server permissions when integrated with SharePoint

After successfully integrating SharePoint 2010 and Reporting Services and deploying my first Report Server Report to a SharePoint

How to find user who ran DROP or DELETE statements on your SQL Server Objects

Someone has dropped a table from your database and you want to track who did it. Or someone has deleted some data from a table, but no one will say who did. In this tip, we will look at how you can use the transaction log to track down some of this info

Automated collection of SQL Server database connections for monitoring

We have quite a large number of databases and user connections to our SQL Server and we suspect that one application does not close connections properly. We need an automated way to collect the number of connections and the application that is creating th

Let's Explore Excel add-in of Master Data Services of SQL Server 2012 - Part 2

SQL Server 2008 introduced Master Data Services (MDS) as Master Data Management (MDM) platform for managing enterprise master data centrally in a consistent, clean and up-to-date manner.

How to read the SQL Server Database Transaction Log

Have you ever wondered how SQL Server logs track transactions and what information SQL Server captures in the transaction log file? In this tip we will take a look at a SQL Server function that you can use to read the transaction log to see what entries

SQL Server Reporting Services Expressions Tips and Tricks

Expressions are a very powerful feature of SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). In this tip, we will take a look at few Tips and Tricks on SSRS Expressions.

Find the SQL Server Analysis Services and Reporting Services Version, Edition and Service Pack

I have a stand-alone instances of SQL Server Analysis Service (SSAS) and SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS) running in my environment. How can I find what the version and edition of each package as well as the Service Pack installed?

Another tip from todays author... Why Can't I Restore a Database to an Older Version of SQL Server?

We recently upgraded one of our SQL Server to a newer version. When I took the backup from one of the databases on that server and attempted to restore it to our test restore server (where we verify backups), I received an error. The test server wasn't up