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Game of Thrones Dragon 3 Pack - Oh my! I must have these! @Vanessa Samurio Henriquez

41 Gifts For the Game of Thrones Fan Who's Depressed About Waiting So Long For the Next Season

Dragons. These are super cool! Except for the scary zombie dragon. That is not cool.<< That's not only cool, it's awesome

Amazing Different Types of Dragon

These are super cool! Except for the scary zombie dragon.<< That's not only cool, it’s awesome<< Especially the zombie dragon!

ArtStation - Chinese Dragon, Jason liu

This dragons head minus the fur and nose are like xeras in shape,she has a slightly more pointed muzzle and has nostrils like most sharper headed western dragons

Process to make your dragon: 3 to 4 weeks depending the custom orders lined up. ----------- Please Read More About Your Dragon here Below :D

These custom dragon sculptures are amazing! I love this girls work so much. She can make basically any design dragon that you want from Steampunk and gears, to elemental or fire-breathing, - by MakoslaCreations on Etsy

Nebula, Cloud Spirit Dragon 3 by rosepeonie on DeviantArt

My newest dragon project Sixth in the Spirit Dragons series, Ciel ["sièl", French for "sky". not overly original, yep] was inspired by the night sky illuminated by the Moon and stars.


Commission pic from ~TeresiaF to do another infinity dragon tattoo. Note: this is a private commission, for the sole use of the owner exclusively. Design (c) Sarah Yendrey {edits TBD}