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Neem Garden Oil - go for organic gardening - rids pests

Wildcrafted Neem Oil - natural totally effective contraceptive for men and women (look it up!

We all want healthy teeth and gums. But sometimes we brush, we floss, we eat healthy foods, and it still isn't enough. Maybe you just want a whiter, brighter smile, but want to avoid the ingredients in conventional products. Herbs to the rescue! These 10 herbs are healing and restorative, plus a recipe for herbal mouthwash. | TraditionalCookingSchool.com

10 Herbs For Healthy Teeth & Gums + Make Your Own Natural Mouthwash!

BREAKING NEWS: We've been watching orders and almost nobody orders just one toothpowder, then when we talk to customers, they say they're sharing with family

Toothpowder update: If you got a free jar of OxiNeem and want to buy more, select the original cinnamon and cloves formula. After years of experimenting,

Neem Tree Farms  - plants and products

Gift Special For Gardeners: Introduce neem to your gardening buddies with a special package that includes eight ounces of natural neem oil -- with an EPA-registered

Newly formulated with even more neem oil and a scent that matches our shampoo. It's also

Newly formulated with even more neem oil and a scent that matches our shampoo.

How to make Clove Oil: great for toothaches!  Not essential oil, but a herbal oil with great instructions

Make Clove Oil

☆ How to Make Clove Oil from ground cloves and olive oil: Before prescription pain killers were available, clove oil was used as a dental remedy to soothe and numb the gums when they were inflamed.

Can aromatherapy and neem oil help overcome male-pattern baldness? Results just in from my husband and chief guinea pig certainly indicate that they do. Researchers

A rich formula packed with antioxidants helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, soothe minor inflammation and protect delicate skin from environmental toxins

Lip Stick Therape | Neem Skin and Nail Care

Lip Stick Therape | Neem Skin and Nail Care