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You'll drive yourself crazy trying to control something that isn't yours to control. Free yourself. Allow your mind and energy to focus on something positive… to build something beautiful.

Chaos, leave me never.

chaos, leave me never. keep me wild and keep me free so that my brokenness will e, the only beauty the world will see.


You are a strange kind of beautiful. The type of magic that foolish men runaway from. And run back to when it's too late.

Make life beautiful create

I think it's Jesus who makes my broken pieces beautiful. But I sure do love this quote.

"She stared at the stars, like they were pillows for her mind and is their light/she could rest her heavy head" -Christopher Poindexter Poetry

Jennifer Aniston, a great actress, a classic comedian. Absolutely natural looks that can appear being photoshopped as she is so defined and beautiful. A strong, independent woman, Jennifer is true beauty

Jennifer Anniston, she's just so naturally pretty, love her hair color! Maybe summer

Quote: "What makes you different or weird--that's your strength." -Meryl Streep

It's those other people with the raised eyebrows I wonder about. Se mikä tekee sinusta erilaisen tai oudon - on sinun vahvuutesi / Meryl Streep

Who doesn't miss being a kid again after seeing this moment captured on camera.

use your smile to change this world don't let this world change your smile. world life quotes quotes cute positive quotes quote kids smile life life quote inspirational quotes happy quotes