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Calum please do the blond hair again!

5 Seconds of Summer 5SOS 5sos five seconds of summer Foive scheconds of summah  5sOS (and more and more and...)

Happy anniversary 5 seconds of summer! You guys have changed so many lives including mine and are just wonderful people so thank you we love you !

Maybe grades do matter after all. - Sugarscape.com

Okay Ash, first you say tadpoles are baby turtles, then mikey says this, wtf

Soo, 5SOS are coming here in a few days.... And I could alrwady hear my friend's heart shattering. I didn't get tickets because I don't know most of their songs, but I like their songs on the radio. Guys, comment what your favorite song from them is and I'll give it a listen when I have time! Thanks!

5 Seconds of Summer: 'Not cool enough?... I mean, what is that about?'

5 Seconds of Summer: the Australian punk-pop band some critics love to hate

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I was laughing the whole time not to mention whn I remembered ashton in target oh gosh im giggling like a cow on drugs <<< OMG same tho😂

Americans Ask  What A Cheeky Nandos Is And British People Are Having A Field Day

Oh god this is too funny i need more ppl trying to explain cheeky Nandos. Only british people will understand this.<<<< this is hilarious, and I completely understand (most of it) BTW I'm American haha

The entire internet's reaction tbh

Howling Wolf Silver Cufflinks with Presentation Box

Jealous Dan strikes again.

5sos fetus - Google Search

Dude as I saw this broken pieces came on and it was the line like "I woke up in the place we started"

The greeting phil’s mum gave him when they call her on DanAndPhilGAMES- WILL DAN AND PHIL BE MILLIONAIRES?!

The greeting phil’s mum gave him when they call her lol<<<me as a mom 😂