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Spinach and Ricotta Bake "Fast healthy filling food from Sally Symonds, director of Love Your Weight Loss & author of Steps to Lose … And Keep It Off" and Recipes to Lose … And Keep It Off"

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Don’t let common myths about exercise and healthy weight loss hamper your efforts to get in shape.  You’ve probably heard all of the following before, in one form or another – and guess what? None of them are true!So if you want to know how to lose weight and keep it off, you can stop worrying about these common fitness myths. #fitness #exercise #health #weightloss #howtoloseweight

Do common myths hampers your weight loss system? Be informed with these Fitness Mythbusting for Easy Weight Loss!

Nutrient-rich foods with your diet help to increase   your health and lose weight. You just need to create a diet   that is best for you. #diet #food #nutrient #weightloss

Top 9 nutrient-dense foods with minimum calories and maximum health benefits for successful weight loss!

Seeing the word ‘salad’ on a menu or in a cookbook may automatically makes you assume that you’re looking at something healthy—but this isn’t always the case. #health #salad #food #loveyourweightloss #healthyweightlossstories #weightlossforobesewomen

Seeing the word salad on a menu or in a cookbook may automatically makes you assume that youre looking at something healthybut this isnt always the case.

Eating fat is not always bad. Learn the good and right amount of fat to help you lose weight. #weightloss #fat #diet #whatIdidtoloseweight

Facts on Fat for Healthy Weight Loss Health Food, Weightloss Fat