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Cute idea for passes!

Personalized Teacher Passes for the Classroom. I SO need this for boys, girls, office, and restroom!

Quick Tip: Cut Notebooks In Half For Kids Dishing It Out

Quick Tip: Cut Notebooks In Half For Kids

Home Depot will cut composition books for you for free. Give each student a half. It's great for writing journals in, uses and wastes less paper, and is less intimidating when you ask them to write a page-worth of material! So clever!

Something different. Looks great

Custom Teacher Gift - Chalkboard Class Birthday Calendar- 30 Name Circles- Made to Order- LIMITED TIME OFF Do something similar to this for family birthdays at home

Help! I'm a Brand New Teacher- advice & tips for your first year of teaching #backtoschool #teachers

I'm a Brand New Teacher- advice & tips for your first year of teaching. (even if you're not new there could be some helpful advice in here!

Monday Made It II

Hall Passes Sign for Classroom Woodworking Sign classroom decoration classroom decor teacher gift hall pass hall pass sign classroom sign teacher sign teacher decoration gift class office pass bathroom pass teacher name sign teacher present

Un aula perfecta ♥

This is a fun seating idea for the classroom and I would use it in my future classroom for circle time and have the students store white boards or other things in them.

"Where we are" chart to hang on the door to let others know where the class is if you are out of the classroom.

Dollar Store pizza pan used to make a "Where Are We?" board to leave at the door when you take the class somewhere. Just print out your icons on cardstock, laminate, and add a magnet to the back.

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hall/bathroom passes-- for when I no longer have a bathroom in my classroom.

Hall passes and bathroom passes covered with map paper. She also covers cheap tins for classroom storage.

Hall Passes Sign for Classroom Turquoise/Yellow by SparkledWhimsy, $39.00

Hall Passes Sign for Classroom Classroom Decor, Teacher Gift, Teacher Sign, Bathroom Pass, Teacher Name Sign (Jamaican Sea/Pale Yellow)

We use lanyards for three different hall passes (library, office, locker/restroom) so I could make something like this actually work for my high school classroom! (Elem teachers get all the cute stuff)

Clothes pin passes...much better than the paper passes that get ripped up or wet and soggy with Lord only knows.

If the school requires a hall pass. Cleaner than the school pass, and by clipping it to their shirt sleeve they won't leave it anywhere.

Classroom Finds From the Hardware Store. Check out my guest-blog post on Minds in Bloom!!!

Classroom Finds From the Hardware Store

I bet you've never realized that you can find a lot for your classroom at a hardware store! Melissa from Got to Teach shares a super helpful list of all of the classroom supplies you can buy at your local hardware store.