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I'm a cowgirl who can go from wearing dressy clothes an changes to my boot and jeans and just a T shirt. In the matter of seconds. And nothing smells better than being in a barn that you love to be around. There called horses (

So true.

Roses are red, Mud is brown, 'Round here we Party with the Radio up and Tailgate down - Earl Dibbles Jr


I like my trucks lifted, my boys strong, and my boots muddy. I like my nights starry, my days sunny, and my life country.

Hug horses

"Life is short. Hug your horse." I love it when my horse gives me a hug ❤️

3 choises saying with girl riding a bucking horse

the cool thing is. she's smiling and her horse is flipping out. thats what it takes tobe a cowgirl.being on a half ton animal, that could hurt you, especially in a situation like this, and smiling thru it.

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I sat in that little spot on the tractor way before they actually made a second seat for other riders. Once or twice I sat on top of my dad's cooler that was sitting on the floor at his feet instead. I'm definitely a farmer's daughter.

Pianist Problems

My right hand is stronger than my left. *cough* the second page of Rondo Alla Turca