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The Boneyard Project March 2012 Just a little fun in the Arizona desert at an Air Force plane graveyard. Eric Firestone came up with the idea to bring out a few graffiti artists to bring some new life to these abandoned planes.

P-40 "Warhawk Reef" Framed Aviation Art

Pilot truism There are more airplanes in the ocean than submarines in the sky


Saatchi Art: Aluminum Trailer, Desert Shores CA - Edition 4 of 9 Photography by Ed Freeman

Troy Pavia

At the junction of State Highways 58 and 14 sits the old road town of Mojave. Located on the western fringe of the upper Mojave Desert, the town is famous for its large airport where Burt Rutan designed and built his around-the-world-without-landing

Beauty in the ruins

"From the Backseat of my Car" is a photographic series by Alícia Rius. You probably guessed it, but the photos are shot from the backseat of a car. From abandoned cars, specifically - these shots truly depict a beautiful decay.

A retired, rusted, faded T-38 Talon sits in pieces. The Talon was the world's first supersonic trainer.

THE BONEYARD: Where Air Force Birds Go To Die

at The Boneyard, Tucson, Arizona (The Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG), Davis–Monthan Air Force Base)

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[Photo] Mustang fighters of the US Army Air Force Fighter Squadron flying in formation, Europe, 7 Aug 1944