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Everyday Objects Added to Simple Sketches

Everyday Objects Turned Into Imaginative Illustrations by Javier Pérez. Love the paper clip trumpet

Run Away! #gamers #JurassicWorld / http://saltlakecomiccon.com/slcc-2015-tickets/?cc=Pinterest

Jurassic World. Tap to check out Awesome Jurassic World Movie iPhone Wallpapers Collection! Jurassic Park, Dinosaurs - Gonna see this next week!

The Geeky Nerfherder: Godzilla, Marie Bergeron

Unofficial alternative Godzilla movie poster illustration by Marie Bergeron

IKEA Instructions for Horror Fans | Killer Kitsch

IKEA Instructions for Horror Fans

IKEA Instructions for Horror Fans. Love the Samara set - after 7 days you have the world's most realistic TV!

After Technology Destroys Capitalism

After Technology Destroys Capitalism

Comic-Con Key Art Award-Winning Teaser Poster for Godzilla by Phantom City Creative