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Kennedy ~~~ I didn't know that! But it explains why my mother has tears in her eyes every time she remembers JFK...

Robert F. Kennedy didn't accept his Attorney General pay either.he also donated it all to charity. These two *liberal* men actually lived their convictions. **THATS WHY I ADMIRE THE KENNEDYS*** Love this need great presidents again

How do you refer to four heros as bumps in the road?  OBAMA needs to be wrapped in tape and laid in the road, I will make a sign for him "Speed Bump Ahead, Feel free to accelerate"!

Obama is a disgrace to human beings in the United States. Muslim Obama is a fool, and now everybody knows. So sad and reckless that this man list his life.

Keep fighting for the American Dream.... this President is setting America up to FAIL and it is truly sad.

The Powerful Message That Helped Condoleezza Rice Thrive Amid Racism In The '60s (VIDEO)

"The best solution for our current immigration system should be based on Biblical principles. It should show compassion, uphold the law, secure the border, honor work and strengthen families." -Ralph Reed

What selective memories right-wingers have. Ronnie actually provided amnesty to over 3 million illegal immigrants residing in this country. Reagan said as much himself in a televised debate with Democratic presidential nominee Walter Mondale in

Reagan. I love this man. Wish he was still with us, but what a legacy!                                                                                                                                                      More

PRESIDENT Ronald Reagan YES! Hopefully the blm movement will soon understand this message. They need to stop blaming their skin color, acknowledge that these men were criminals, and let them be held accountable for their own demise.

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Benghazi - please honor our brave American dead.since Obama just considers them "bumps in the road" Vote Republican.to save America❤

Another Republican Hypocrite & Traitor ...

Another Republican Hypocrite & Traitor ...