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They call it puppy love: One Direction pose for a tongue-in-cheek 1970s-style shoot for Wonderland magazine as they each carry a labrador

Say CHEESE! One Direction recreate awkward Seventies-style family photo as they sport coloured knitwear and cuddle puppies for new shoot

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My mum told me i wasn't allowed as many posters in my new room, and to take them down, so i shouted NO POSTERS LEFT BEHIND, i am now allowed all my posters

Styles, Tomlinson, Horan, Malik and Payne are the guys who made you feel loved like no any other boys can, The boys who changed the Story of Our Lives.

One direction isn't just a band to me. They have been together for 5 years and I have been a fan of them ever since, but I've never seen them in concert and it would just be an amazing emotional experience.

One direction on good morning America preforming drag me down for the first tim on on TV

I absolutely despise the people at my school who say "I absolutely love one directions new song steal my girl, but I hate them." Like NO!!!!! This is not ok!!! Like get a real life!!!! Grrr, it infuriates me!!!

I absolutely despise the people at my school who say "I absolutely love one directions new song steal my girl, but I hate them. Like get a real life!

There's actually a scientific reason that once you fall in love with a boyband, there's no going back

There's Actually a Scientific Reason Why Once You Fall in Love With a Boyband, There's No Going Back

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one direction imagines he hits you

So, I was shopping and I got, one One Direction poster I never had. And then a book and an Adventure Time poster. As I checked out, a girl said, boys can't be directioners.

Niall and Harry Make Me Strong

Niall and Harry Make Me Strong

One Direction, Our boys have grown so much,and are just...ugh, the feels. YOU ARE PERFECT BOYS!

Help I have fallen because of and I can't get up because Kevin is on top of me.* 4 years later * If it wasn't for life alert I wouldn't be listening to one direction on Four