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Unlikely Friends

Unlikely animal friendships... I'm the original badger girl

30 unlikely animal friendships

30 Unlikely Animal Friendships Stylist Magazine - After being treated at a wildlife hospital, this baby badger and fox cub became the firmest of friends.

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Best Buds ~~ Houston Foodlovers Book Club I ❤️Juniper+Moose

Friendships between tortoises and cats - Album on Imgur

Friendships between tortoises and cats

The kitten who fell in love with a turtle. Animals adopt other animals, outside their species, they love and become best friends.

Cat and bird are the best of friends - Gives a whole new meaning to Cat Amongst the Pigeons !!

That'll put the cat among the pigeons: Kitten forms close bond with feathered friend

Best friends - kitten with baby chick- so cute and adorable- animal humor

You really make me feel like I'm bothering you; So why should I bother ?

I feel like this when I make new friends (especially internet friends) so just tell me if I'm coming on to strong. I'll back off!

orangutan and blue tick hound. they live in SC. http://www.suryiaandroscoe.com/

Stop hounding me you big ape! The unlikely friendship between an orangutan and a dog

Suryia is a primate while Roscoe is a canine, yet the pair are proof that dogs aren't just man's best friend. And now the pals from Georgetown, South Carolina, have released a picture book of their friendship.

Mock the Week: unlikely lines from a romantic novel.

"She danced like no one was watching, but people were watching, and she looked like a twat.

Owl and Fox cub.  For real??  Unlikely friends. We all need someone.

Red Fox Cub and Owl This is just amazing. I wonder what happened to thye baby fox's mother. He certainly has adopted the owl as his mommy. Look how he is leaning into the owl for comfort and support.