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Always keep them guessing TootToot/Ditto

DnD Memes is a popular and well run Facebook page. It has over 350,000 likes, an impressive tally for any RPG site, and sells merch over at D20 Collective.

28 of the best DnD Memes

more Nioh and Dark souls boss fight-esque. Why was this DnD memes.

Our principle did this once. Except he said it was unladylike

like fuckin really i was talking to my friend and my sister was constantly misgendering him and i kept correcting her and her friend bc they wouldn't stop using the wrong pronouns and i wanted to punch her so hard

But you are more than welcome to run parallel with me. I'd much rather appreciate it if you follow your way and I follow mine, and let it be a beautiful, fun adventure with teaching and learning.

I am a 36 year old woman ,and I am going through a divorce ,I just go around to see how other people are doing that's all ,no good or bad intentions

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I should get play with my feelings and heart tattooed on my face like fr