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Mamá es genial...
The Trap Door - remember this well.
The Parent Trap (1998) Love this movie! Watched it all the time when I was little! it was funny and I liked both of the girls in this film because they seemed friendly
The Parent Trap I used to watch this show every single day when i was a kid!!! I LOVE IT
The Parent Trap (1998) - 1 of my all time faves. Wanted to copy Lindsay Lohan's blue nail polish so bad, I colored my nails with a blue marker in Khi.
Lindsay Lohan's Early Years: The Career Before The Storm
The Parent Trap (1998) - Really enjoyed this film when it came out, and just as good today.  Funny, sweet and a little mischievous, Lindsay Lohan did a great job playing identical twins.  Entirely watchable
The Parent Trap (1998) (via ezramichaelkoenig, Tumblr)