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Helen Frankenthaler screen

Bronze screen and intaglio. Panel a: h x w x d cm; panel b: h x w x d cm; panel c: h x w x d cm.

helen frankenthaler - Szukaj w Google

helen frankenthaler - Szukaj w Google

Ink | The Unabashedly Beautiful Prints of Helen Frankenthaler | ART21 Magazine

Helen Frankenthaler Gateway, 1988 three panel bronze screen 81 x 99 x 4 in x x cm)

ART & ARTISTS: Helen Frankenthaler - abstract expressionist - part 2 1993 Freefall woodcut

FRANKENTHALER, Helen United States of America 1928 Freefall 1993 relief, stencil colour woodcut and stencil on white, handmade TGL paper

Helen Frankenthaler

Frankenthaler paints directly on the unprepared canvas allowing it to behave as a dye that penetrates the ca.

Helen Frankenthaler -- I have always been intrigued by her paintings, since I first studied her in college.  This one reminds me of a big ol' jar of peanut butter!  Hey, it's not a sophisticated analysis, but it's how I feel when I enjoy this piece of art.

Helen Frankenthaler, Persian Garden, 1965 - Lithograph on Richard de Bas, Auvergne a la main paper.