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Gray hair, granny hair, silver hair, pastel hair. Dark gray ombre hair with color blue, pink and purple. More inspirations on your 2015 summer hairstyles

10 Reasons to Follow the Fabulous Gray Hairstyles -


Just finished recording and editing my favorite spring lip colors! Should be uploaded tomorrow by rileyalessandra

Harajuku girl with pink and green twin tails wearing a pastel dress with a harness, plush backpack and colorful sneakers vs. Harajuku girl with lilac hair in

This ‘Galaxy Hair’ trend is spectacular

DIY your photo charms, compatible with Pandora bracelets. Make your gifts special. This "Galaxy Hair" trend is actually quite mesmerizing -

Pastel Goth with tri colored hair

Alternative Fashion // Pink & Purple Hair // Pastel Goth Hairstyle- maybe platinum to violet to dark purple?

hey hi hello @kaylahadlington @amyvalentinex @leannelimwalker @claireseurope #destinationclaires #campclaires

hey hi hello @kaylahadlington @amyvalentinex @leannelimwalker @claireseurope #destinationclaires #campclaires