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I don't like being lonely

I don't like being lonely

Haha I want them all

And about of the time, the netflix and pizza wins out. Even when I go out.I'm still that netflix and pizza girl.

I am about to cry because I used to cut and if that ^ was true then I would have been physically hurting somebody else. And that makes me want to cry because I don't like when other people get hurt.

Just imagine if your soulmate cut and you started to get them. Everyone assumes that you cut but you have to explain that it's your soulmate

Just made a lot of songs pointless

It's not really that spectacular to have someone say they'd take a bullet for me. It's just one bullet. They're not going to stop shooting just because you blocked one single solitary bullet.

Tom Hanks is the best "A Famous Historian.": Photo

The power of the 1934 Smith Corona typewriter. “ Chris Hardwick sent Tom Hanks a vintage typewriter along with a request for him to be on the Nerdist podcast. This was Tom Hanks’ response, proving.