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"Forgiveness" – Angel Card – Diana Cooper
A prayer to Saint Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael Archangels. #Pray
Archangel Michael Prayer | Archangel michael | Prayer board
Archangel Raphael~ Healing Prayer "Sweet Raphael, I call on you, I know that you are there, and ask you for your healing strength in answer to my prayer. Please take away the sadness, take away the pain, hold me in your healing wings and make me whole again
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A short prayer/meditation for Archangel Raphael by Rebecca Rosen.
Name meaning: "Friend of God" The “Archangel of Justice and Fairness”, he helps to resolve arguments, assists with cooperation and leads to harmony in groups and families. If asked, he will offer assistance toward discovering balanced, harmonious, peaceful resolutions to disputes and disagreements, both in our personal and professional lives. He also helps us to sort out our inner feelings. Crystal affinity: Aquamarine.
Invoke the Archangels with "The Archangel Invocation"