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Guardianes De La Sabiduria

Guardianes de la Sabiduria by Juan Carlos Taminchi. Amazing artist, pure beautiful soul and a dear friend. My favorite of his incredibly beautiful paintings

Juan Carlos Taminchi Berreras (b.1985) | arts contemporains Amériques à confirmer ...

Juan Carlos Taminchi Berreras (b.1985)

At 8 years old, the surrounding nature drew his attention and stimulated his drawing abilities, and thus opened the possibilities to artistic dreaming

I want the bottom of my fish tank to look like this!

but, it appears to be a work of art called Cosmic Dust. such pretty colours

Juan Carlos Taminchi - Buscar con Google

Juan Carlos Taminchi - Buscar con Google

Sacred Geometry | 2012 The Awakening | Page 2

The GOD of heaven and creation is a God of order and perfection as seen here in HIS Sacred geometry. "He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.

Abyssinian by Dean Russo


Alfredo Zagaceta, artiste visionnaire

Paintings of Alfredo Zagaceta, which participated in many collective art exhibitions in Peru, The United States, Europe and Japan.