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Mom you asked a question if I don't answer it you yell at me when I do lavender it you yell stop talking back there is no way to win here

Yeeeesssss!!!! Then my parents say that I can't concentrate on my work when I listen to music and I'm all like "uuuummmmmmm......  No. "

Music is My Life. My Life Revolves around Music. Listening to Music Right Now.

i wonder

They either say " yeah that freaking weird shy future serial killer " or "yeah that shy sweet girl with nice fashion , she's a little anti but she's a good person ." Lol "She is sweet but she will ripe your head off if she gets mad"

This is so true it doesn’t happen a lot but when it does it is very embarrassing

That's not just a teenage thought. That's true sarcasm and I have actually thought this before!

I like doing it to my dogs more than my cats. It’s some how funnier

I laugh just thinking about it lol and also when your feet are under the blanket and you move them.


Commercial Lady: "I've fallen and I can't get up!" Commercial dude: Have you fallen and you can't get up?

Teen post

Do you ever just get a random burst of motivation to clean your room, write a novel, paint a masterpiece or read a book at like