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Wonder if they would be ok with this one at work?   Think I have a few coworkers who have tried it.

This might be my response to getting out of bed tomorrow morning!


Mom you asked a question if I don't answer it you yell at me when I do lavender it you yell stop talking back there is no way to win here

So true

Not just a teenager thing to do, I do that all the time. I'll even write down the lyrics I think will give me the best chance to find the song if I'm not near a computer.


TV Guy: "Do you have heart burn?" Me: "Actually no, random TV Guy.


That's not just a teenage thought. That's true sarcasm and I have actually thought this before!

Teenager Posts


so math homework is Mental Abuse To Humans that Half of my energy wasted on random knowledge

...that is a very good point...

Teenager Post - I don't understand how Super Mario can smash blocks with his head but dies when he touches a turtle.

I wonder?

Teenager Post: I wonder if British people sit around trying to talk in an American accent.

i wonder

They either say " yeah that freaking weird shy future serial killer " or "yeah that shy sweet girl with nice fashion , she's a little anti but she's a good person ." Lol "She is sweet but she will ripe your head off if she gets mad"

Yep all of them is me. The last one I almost forget that my friend Missy's real name is ummmm... gimme a minute. (20 minutes later) VICTORIA! Yes it's Victoria

I read organism the right way, I don't know what ur talking about. And that idiotic person in horror movies that suggests to split up is Fred from Scooby-Doo. *ahh* "child hood horror shows"