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Royal Vision Macaron Series (14.5mm) circle lenses (coloured contacts). Vibrant, dense coloration and natural 3 tone design will give you a refreshing look. Everyone will be spellbound by your mesmerising gaze! Available in Blue, Pink, Brown, Grey, Green and Violet. Shop now: http://www.eyecandys.com/macaron-puffy-series-14-5mm/

Life never gets boring with Royal Vision Macaron (Puffy) Series With an absolutely gorgeous three-tone design to make your eyes appear subtly vibrant,it's simply irresistible!

70cm Purple Brown Straight Lolita Wig #lolita  #wig

Wig Material Length(cm) Max Heat Temperature High Temperature Synthetic 70 Feedback:Customer satisfaction is very important to us.

Printable ALCOHOL sign  Art Deco style Great Gatsby by manyprints

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Gyaru, Identity and Subcultural Capital: The girl in the picture represents a female subculture from Japan called ‘Gyaru’ – a Japanese translation of the word ‘gal’. The young women that participate in this subculture go to extreme lengths to achieve a western ideal of beauty – dying their hair light shades of blonde and brown and using makeup and clothing to create an ultra-feminine look.

This is the most adorable gyaru girl I've ever seen

Bobby Pin Hacks - Ways to Use Bobby Pins That Will Change Your Life - Womans Day

19 Things You're Doing Wrong

Twist your hair, and slip your bobby pin underneath to secretly pin back your strands. 20 Life-Changing Ways to Use Bobby Pins

straight hair with waterfall braid

side-waterfall braid looks like maybe there's even an French braid in the beginning of

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Ombre black to brown: wavy long curled hair, beautiful hair inspo. Love this look for everyday wear.