French speaking nations. Maybe rather than moving to France I could maybe go to Switzerland or Canada?

Let me show your some interesting French language facts. Studying French is very important for the people who want to speak foreign language. French is considered as one of the most beautiful language


Géographie : une évaluation sur la France (frontières, fleuves, reliefs et climats) -- Site has lots of PDFs that could be useful in the French classroom.

Learn the differences between French in Québec vs France. Learn some cool expressions too! Don't hesitate to share

The Differences Between French in Québec and France

Learn the difference between French in Quebec and France. Learn some cool expression too on the way to identifying the differences between the diction's

Helps Students Stay in the Target (Foreign, World) Language. (French, Spanish)

Class Management System to Keep Students in the Target Language

A great way to keep students in the target language- pick a mystery student but also hold the whole class accountable for what they do.